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Day 1 – Monday 7 December Dish_groen Track 2: Stand up for yourself!

Liberate facts, data and ideas
Friedel Grant

Friedel GrantFriedel Grant is Communications Officer at LIBER Europe, a network of over 400 universities, national libraries and research institutions. When The Hague Declaration launched in early 2015, Friedel was one of the key people responsible for launching and promoting the Declaration’s call to make facts, data and ideas more accessible, thereby improving knowledge discovery in the Digital Age. Her other tasks include regular collaboration with LIBER’s Europe-wide network on issues such as copyright, Text and Data Mining (TDM) and open access, and the representation of LIBER in a number of EU-funded projects.

Prior to joining LIBER, Friedel worked on the Communications & Marketing teams of Europeana and The European Library. Outside of the office, she’s a bicycle enthusiast who spent 3 years riding a bike around the world before moving to the Netherlands.

Access to facts, data and ideas was never meant to be governed by copyright. Combining and making links between these things are the foundation of knowledge. Yet, in the digital era, access to facts, data and ideas is being increasingly controlled by rights holders enabled by an ancient copyright framework that does not recognise how information is accessed in the digital age.
The Hague Declaration aims to foster agreement about how to best enable access to facts, data and ideas for knowledge discovery in the Digital Age. By removing barriers to accessing and analysing the wealth of data produced by society, we can find answers to great challenges such as climate change, depleting natural resources and globalisation.
There are concrete actions that we can take to support knowledge discovery:

  1. Advocate for copyright reform
  2. Make our content and metadata open
  3. Make our content available in machine readable format
  4. Support innovation and experimentation
  5. Develop tools for knowledge discovery