Arnoud Odding

Day 1 – Keynote Dish_rood Track 1: Lose your modesty!

ArnoudOddingArnoud Odding studied Museology and Arts History in Leiden, The Netherlands. In 1990 he founded his bureau ‘O dubbel d, strategic advice for museums‘. From 2004 until 2011 he was director at the Dutch National Glass Museum. In 2012 he became director at the Rijksmuseum Twenthe, which at the time was in crisis. Today, the Rijksmuseum Twenthe is still undergoing a radical change. Late 2014 Odding started working on a new initiative: the Academy of Imagination, powered by Rijksmuseum Twenthe.

In 2004 Odding, together with Tiziana Nespoli, published a book titled Het Gedroomde Museum  (The Dreamed Museum). This work is a pamphlet for cultural regeneration, going back to 18th century theory of museums as places where knowledge was interpreted and where interpretations were discussed. In 2011 Odding published Het Disruptieve Museum, (The Disruptive Museum). In this book he argues that traditional museums do not understand that, in a network society, their existence is fundamentally questioned. The Disruptive Museum is a museum that gives a radical answer to the question of our
raison d’être.

“[…] not only present troubles, but also future ones, […] because, when foreseen, it is easy to remedy them; but if you wait until they approach, the medicine is no longer in time because the malady has become incurable; […]” – The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli