Track 3: Lose control, gain influence!

Dish_geelWe really should be less restrictive about the use and re-use of our collections. It becomes more and more clear that digital assets have to swarm about to really bear fruit. Today Wikipedia, tomorrow the service that will find the ideal solution to connect location and content, the day after that the platform that will do right to 3D content. Don´t tire yourselves with creating new interfaces and platforms which creative entrepreneurs will always be better in designing and exploiting. Of course there are obstacles. We mention copyrights. But are there really no solutions here, and why not creative ones? Where is that creative, thrill-seeking lawyer? And what will be that impact when our collections are on the walkabout? The answer lies in the fact that collections will be used in ways that are yet unthinkable and unimaginable. That asks for a loose relationship between the digital object and the idea of ownership. And primary focus on use, use and use.

Keywords: business models, the letting-go, copyright solutions, thrill-seeking

Keynote: Jill Cousins

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